MBR Social Events

Metro Bethesda Rotary coordinates and hosts a variety of social events throughout the year. Favorite in-person events include a Halloween Party, a Super Bowl party, regular happy hours, poker nights, dinners, and organized outings such as behind-the-scenes museum tours and baseball games.

During COVID-19, the Club is coordinating weekly “Rotary at the Movies” discussions and well as occasional Zoom happy hours and socially distanced events.


Rotary at the Movies

Rotary at the Movies meets via Zoom every Monday at 7:30pm. Members view an assigned film during the previous week, then gather to discuss. Typically 20-25 Rotarians and friends of Rotarians attend Rotary at the Movies.

Learn more about our recent film picks.

Socially Distanced Get-Togethers

During COVID-19 restrictions, we doing our best to hold safe outdoor gathering and Zoom happy hours.