MBR Social Events

Metro Bethesda Rotary coordinates and hosts a variety of social events throughout the year. Favorite in-person events include a Halloween Party, a Super Bowl party, regular happy hours, poker nights, dinners, and organized outings such as behind-the-scenes museum tours and baseball games.

During COVID-19, the Club coordinates weekly “Rotary at the Movies” discussions. We also hold occasional Zoom happy hours and in-person socially distanced gatherings.


Rotary at the Movies

Rotary at the Movies meets via Zoom every Monday at 7:30pm. Members view an assigned film during the previous week, then gather to discuss. Typically 20-25 Rotarians and friends of Rotarians attend Rotary at the Movies.

Learn more about our recent film picks.

Socially Distanced Get-Togethers

During COVID-19 restrictions, we doing our best to hold safe outdoor gathering and Zoom happy hours.