MBR International Projects

The International Service Committee was created to extend the service impact of our Club beyond our regional borders. The goal is to support and fund international projects collaborate with like-minded Rotarians in different corners of the world.


MBR provides funding to the Coaniquem Burned Children’s Center in Chile, which Rotarians founded and have administered for over 40 years.  The Clinic has operated on over 122,000 children totally free of charge thanks to Rotarians and other donors. The Clinic treats children, supports educational and preventive programs, researches better treatment methods, and advocates controlling the use of fireworks without supervision.

Alicante, Spain & Kenya

MBR collaborates with our sister Rotary Club in Alicante, Spain in their work treating infants from Kenya with congenital heart disease (CHD). CHD is an enormous problem  in sub-Saharan Africa, and the majority of 500,000 children born in Africa with CHD each year receive no treatment. We have also provided funding for medical diagnostic equipment for two Kenyan pediatric hospitals, as well as funds for medical exchanges between Spanish and Kenyan pediatric cardiologists and surgeons.


MBR is collaborating with Usula Rotary Club in Honduras to supply several schools in the mountain communities with desks and chairs for teachers, blackboards and basic school supplies reaching 400 students. We’re now helping communities deeper in the mountain in depressed areas devoid of support by providing backpack & school supplies for middle schools in the Merendon reserve area in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Colombia & Venezuela

MBR has provided several grants to help the city of Cucuta, Colombia, which borders Venezuela. Cucuta is being overwhelmed by the influx of desperate Venezuelans who are fleeing intolerable conditions, including lack of food, clean water, electricity, medicine, jobs and freedom. This funding helps provide travel kits and other aid to these refugees.


MBR has provided a grant to People’s Science Institute in India to help improve rice and other crop cultivation with low water utilization techniques using their unique System of Rice Intensification. This will primarily benefit 500 women farmers and children in 8 villages of Revati valley in the Himalayan region, leading to greater food security for these farming families.