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metro Bethesda
Meet in parking lot behind Chevy Chase supermarket
8531 Connecticut Ave
Chevy Chase, MD  20815
United States

This is our 2nd Stream Clean event! mBr is partnering with Rock Creek Conservancy ( to clean a tributary of Rock Creek. We oversee about a mile of stream called the Coquelin Run in the Chevy Chase Lake area.

Open to members, fellow Rotarians and the Public. Qualifies for SSL Hours.

Historically, the stream was dammed in 1892 to produce electricity for the new streetcars cars on Connecticut Ave. The dam created the Lake. ( Now the stream meanders near a golf course and beside apartment buildings and townhouses ultimately feeding Rock Creek near Jones Bridge Road.

In April, 2017 our enthusiastic crew braved an all day rain, picking up a wide array of junk and many golf balls hooked from the Columbia Country Club!

Join us to continue this important ecological service event.!