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Sanford Ungar Apr 02, 2020
The Paradox of Free Speech in America Today
The Paradox of Free Speech in America Today
Sanford J. Ungar, president emeritus of Goucher College, is director of the Free Speech Project at Georgetown University. He has been director of Voice of America and dean of the School of Communication at American University. During his journalism career, he was a staff writer for The Washington Post, Washington editor of The Atlantic, managing editor of Foreign Policy magazine, and co-host of “All Things Considered” on NPR. He is the author or editor of six nonfiction books, including The Papers & The Papers: An Account of the Legal and Political Battle over the Pentagon Papers. Ungar earned a bachelor’s in government magna cum laude from Harvard College and a master’s degree in international history from the London School of Economics where he was a Rotary Foundation fellow. He teaches undergraduate seminars on Free Speech at both Georgetown University and Harvard College.
Since 2017, the Free Speech Project at Georgetown University has served as an independent, nonpartisan initiative working to assess the condition of Free Speech in the United States today — in education, civil society, and government. Through its flagship enterprise, the Free Speech Tracker, the project has worked to examine Free Speech on a national scale, documenting incidents in which First Amendment values have been challenged or compromised. By assembling and analyzing instances in which expression was suppressed, the project hopes to understand broader national trends around Free Speech today. 
Debilyn Molineaux Apr 09, 2020
Bridge Alliance
Bridge Alliance

The Bridge Alliance exists to serve the people of the United States in achieving transformational change in our political system. Using a new approach of partnering with existing organizations that provide information on issues, dialogue tools and practical experience in community engagement, we have an opportunity to "set right the ship" that is our country. The Bridge Alliance provides a platform for people and organizations to find one another...to find the best path for engagement for each of us...and let our collective voices be heard.

Dr. Stan Shulman Apr 30, 2020
Swords to Ploughshares: East meets West Children's Dental Program - Vietnam
Swords to Ploughshares:  East meets West Children's Dental Program - Vietnam

Dr. Stan Shulman has volunteered for seven outreach missions with the East meets West Dental Program.  The charity, founded 25 years ago, has provided millions of dollars of dental treatment to indigent Vietnamese village children---most of whom have never seen a dentist.  Perhaps even more fascinating and inspiring, East meets West has been recognized and honored by American diplomats and military leaders for having “meaningfully contributed” to fostering peace between former adversaries--the U.S. and Vietnam.

Dr. Shulman, a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Dentistry, began his career as a public health service officer treating Native Americans in Alaska for the Indian Health Service.  The American Dental Association honored him as the first recipient of the “Community Preventive Dentistry Award,” citing his national public health efforts to reduce early childhood tooth decay.  Later, the ADA recognized him for “Meritorious Service to the Vietnamese People.”  He has served on the Board of Directors of the District of Columbia Dental Society’s Foundation for 37 years and is an elected member to the American College of Dentists.  Dr. Shulman is a private practice dentist working from his home in upper northwest Washington.