Speaker Date Topic
John Mendez and Kathy Petitt Sep 27, 2018
Bethesda Cares
Bethesda Cares

Founded in 1988, Bethesda Cares is a community outreach program for people living unsheltered, and for people in homes, at severe risk of losing them.  We seek to place people in permanent, supportive housing; to ease life on the street during that process; and to prevent low-income tenants in crisis from eviction and possible homelessness.

Eric Sterling Oct 18, 2018
The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

Since 1989, Eric E. Sterling has been the Executive Director of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation, a private non-profit education organization that helps educate the nation about criminal justice issues and failed global drug policy.  Mr. Sterling frequently lectures at colleges, universities and professional societies throughout the nation and is regularly interviewed by the national news media.