"The Paul Harris Fellowship" / "The RI" Foundation

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The "Rotary Interantional (RI) or Paul Harris Fellowship Foundation" is the program that funds the international initiatives to better the lives of the under privileged.

One of the best, but not the only, programs the "Rotary Foundation or Paul Harris Fellowship" has funded is the "Polio Plus" progrogram. This program is dedicated to the eradication of Polio. We have nearly accomplished that goal.

However this is not the only world problem it has tackled and overcome. You can read more about the "RI Foundation" by clicking on the link listed in the left hand pane.

Funds donated to the "RI or Paul Harris Fellowship Foundation" are directed towards projects/programs by Rotary International headquarters.

If you have any questions about the "RI / Paul Harris Fellowship Foundation" please do not hesitate to email our club's RI Foundation Chair. They can be found on our homepage.