Rotary Foundations exist on two levels:


The Rotary International Foundation is based in Evanston, IL and sponsors scholarships, international exchanges and a huge variety of community and international projects.  The Rotary Foundation is huge, being among the world's largest educational foundations and is a UN recognized NGO (non-governmental organization). 


Rotary International is also well known for its "Polio Plus" effort to eradicate polio worldwide.  In addition, the Rotary Foundation is very involved with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (seems Bill's dad is a life-long Rotarian!) 


Many Rotary Clubs sponsor their own local Foundations, allowing them to build a corpus of funds for the purpose of furthering local and international service projects.  metro Bethesda Rotary has created the metrobethesda Rotary Foundation for this purpose.  $25 of your quarterly dues is a contribution to our Foundation as well as Happy Bucks given during meetings.