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 May 05, 2017 – May 07, 2017

Johnny Holliday  is a radio and TV sportscaster and a former Top 40 radio disc jockey. He has maintained a long association with the University of Maryland football and basketball teams and hosts a pre- and post-game TV program for the Washington Nationals baseball team.



Johnny Holliday
 May 11, 2017

Fred Hiatt is the editorial page editor of The Washington Post and Pulitzer prize winner. He also writes editorials for the page, as well as a biweekly column that appears on Mondays.

Fred Hiatt, Washington Post
 May 18, 2017
Pam Holland
 Jun 01, 2017
David Kolin- Rotary Scholar
 Jun 15, 2017
Deborah Norris
 Jul 20, 2017
Greg Wims
 Aug 03, 2017
 Aug 17, 2017